Our Founder & Safari Specialist, Lori Souder

Over a decade ago, Lori came face to face with her first wild elephant while on safari in Kenya. This profound experience shed light on the critical importance of acting now to save Africa’s Elephants. Following that first safari, Lori became actively engaged in elephant conservation, eventually organizing a number of exciting adventures for family and friends to Kenya. In 2017, Lori made it official and started “Here Today, Africa Tomorrow (HTAT Journeys)”, a conservation focused travel company that designs authentic, bespoke safaris in Africa to support local people, wildlife, and ecosystems.   

Lori’s connections to some of the most important conservationists, scientists, and partners on the ground in East Africa offers unparalleled access to the people and places that are truly invested in conserving the world’s wildlife and wild places. Guests on safari with HTAT Journeys are directly connected to tourism that empower local communities, benefits wildlife, and supports the environment. Since Lori’s first trip to Kenya a decade ago, she has created a firm base of conservation support and her efforts have helped to contribute greatly to African Elephant Conservation.

In 2018, the premier elephant conservation organization in Africa, Save The Elephants, recognized Lori as a ‘Matriarch’ in their 25th Anniversary Annual Report, for her ‘behind the scenes’ dedication to conservation and her leadership to inspire, influence, connect, and encourage others to make a difference through travel and beyond. 

Lori is a member of the Smithsonian Institute’s Chicago Regional Council and is a former Governing Member Ambassador for The Brookfield Zoo. 

Best African Adventures: Attending a traditional Samburu wedding in Northern Kenya. Being invited by Save The Elephants to partake in an ‘aerial survey count’ of wild elephants in Kenya. Trekking to see Rwanda’s endangered Mountain Gorillas. Wading to the edge of Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls. Following a family of Chimpnazees through Nyungwe National Park. Walking among herds of Zebra & giraffe in South Luangwa, Zambia. Canoeing magical estuaries along the Great Zambezi River. 

*Lori is pictured here with Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, the world's foremost authority on African elephant behavior. 

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