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Our Founder

Cause-based adventures making a difference

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"I hope you have an experience that alters the course of your life, because after Africa, nothing has ever been the same..."

- Suzanne Evans

"You can not leave Africa, Africa said.  It is always there inside your head.  Our rivers run in currents in the swirl of your thumbprints; our drumbeats counting out your pulse; our coastline the silhouette of your soul."

- Bridget Dore

" Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth.  Once you have been there, you will never be the same. . . how do you begin to describe its magic to someone who has never felt it? How can you explain the fascination of this vast, dusty continent, whose oldest roads are elephant paths? "

Brian Jackman

Who We Support

Here Today, Africa Tomorrow is committed to giving back to conservation programs in Africa that support


Through established relationships in Africa, HTAT Journeys promises moments and encounters that will change the way you view the world and yourself- today, tomorrow, forever!